Our Mission

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Our Goal:

Provide each and every client with unparalleled service and innovative ideas that in turn produces premium results through proven strategies.

Our Passion:

Real estate is an amazing industry. Even though public perception places our industry at the bottom of the barrel, there are very few jobs in the world where your expertise can genuinely change someone’s life and we get to be a big part of that on a daily basis.

The two most rewarding parts of real estate sales (to us) is finding a buyer their dream home and being able to be part of the excitement and emotion as they go through the process of buying.

The other is achieving our clients (sellers) a price that is way beyond what they ever imagined they would get and as a result of what you have done, it will literally change their life and financial future.

Through hard work, dedication, professionalism, honesty and outstanding customer service, we hope to help change the perception of the real estate industry and inspire other agents to do the same.

Our Promise:

Our promise is to focus on one thing above all… Our Clients.

We promise to provide our clients with unparalleled levels of service that they will simply not get anywhere else in real estate (or anywhere else).

We promise to provide our clients with proven systems and strategies that make the entire process of buying and selling as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We promise to utilise innovative ideas and concepts as well as the power of the extensive LJ Hooker network to bring more buyers to our client’s properties.

We promise to work towards a price that is not necessarily what the market suggests the property is worth, but to work towards a price that is in line with what our clients are hoping to achieve for the property.

Too many agents focus on what the property is worth or the minimum the owners will sell for. We strive for a lot more than that which is why over the past 5 years we have achieved prices that are between $50,000 - $150,000 higher than what our clients were quoted by other agents.

We promise to not only go one step above what others do, but ten steps above what any other agent will do to make the entire process of buying and selling a more enjoyable experience.